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Garage Door Repair In Seymour CT

You want someone you can count on working on your home, and that's why we're here to assist you! We have years of experience in the area and have been taking care of garage doors just like yours for a long time. Whatever the trouble is, we'll get to the bottom of it to fix it and let you get on with your day. All while using the best tools and parts around to ensure it'll last a long time.

Experts Who Are Glad To Assist You

Our technicians are friendly and ready to get to work for you before you know it! We want to make sure each of our customers winds up with a smile and are satisfied with the service we've provided. That means we strive to give the finest possible work to every one of our customers, no matter what the job may be. Maintenance, installations, they’re all given the same amount of attention and priority. It's the customer that means the most to us!

Same Day And Emergency Services Available In Seymour CT

While we work quickly to take care of any trouble no matter what, we understand that sometimes a problem is more pressing and requires immediate attention. Just tell us if this is the case and we'll schedule you for same day or emergency service depending on the severity of the situation. That way your door will be repaired swiftly so you're able to get out the door and off to wherever you need to be.

A Few Garage Door Services We Provide In Seymour:

Garage Door Maintenance

Periodic maintenance can make a huge difference in several areas, such as how well your door functions, as well as its longevity overall. Our professionals can tend to such services as a complete inspection of the system to determine if there are any troubles that can be tended to now before they worsen later, part lubrication to keep things moving swiftly, tension adjustment to keep it properly balanced, and safety sensor testing to ensure your family's protected while near the door. Receiving these services will help keep your door, as well as your family, happy and healthy overall!

Broken Extension Spring

Unfortunately, extension springs tend to break sooner than later due to how they function, which is stretching out to create and store energy. They can also be dangerous if someone inexperienced attempts to take care of removing them to install a new one, particularly due to them holding the weight of your garage door. Our trained technicians can take care of it far more easily and safely! We'll be out right away to remove the old, original spring and get a new one carefully put into place in no time. We can inspect the other springs as well.

Garage Door Opener Repair Or Replacement

If there have been problems with your door making a lot of noise, shaking when it moves, or reversing suddenly while closing, the issue is likely because of your opener. Just like the rest of the system, its parts can get worn out over time and may need to be repaired or replaced entirely. Our technicians can tend to this right away for you to get it working smoothly again! However, if the opener itself is too old, we can instead assist you in finding the perfect new replacement for it and get it installed before you know it.

Garage Door Repairs

Have you noticed problems with your garage door such as it struggling to move along the tracks? Or, has there been a minor bump to it thanks to an incident with your car? In either case, don't worry! Our professionals can help you. Parts can rust or wear out over the years from use, but we can get them repaired or replaced right away so your door can run smoothly again. As for the panel, minor damage can be repaired. Even if it's more serious, we can simply replace the panel for you! It'll look just like new again.

New Door Installation

Getting a brand-new garage door installed is no easy task, but that's why we're here to take care of it all for you! It requires a knowledgeable, trained hand to carefully remove the door that's there from the system and move it out of the way to put in the new door, and it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. It's fastest and simplest to leave it to the experts! Your home will look fresh and lovely with its new addition before you know it. We're familiar with all the major door brands as well!

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