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Garage Door Repair in Derby CT


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Garage Door Repair in Derby CT

Don’t let your busy schedule be dragged down even more by a faulty garage door! Not only does it put your belongings and home itself at risk if it can’t be relied on to close correctly, but letting it go can create even bigger issues down the line, like a full breakdown. Our technicians will have it all tended to before you know it and your door will work like a charm again!

Top Quality Equipment And Parts

We only work with the best of the best, and that’s because we want to be certain that the work we provide for you will solve the issue the first time and last for years to come! No shoddy quick fixes with us, just hard work that will ensure the problem is taken care of. We’re deeply familiar with all of the biggest brands when it comes to both doors and openers as well, so no matter which you have, we’ll be able to take good care of them.

Professionals You Can Count On In Derby CT

Our team has been working in this field for years on top of extensive training, which means that we’ll be able to look at any problem and determine the best possible solution for it in no time. We’re able to provide fantastic work at a quick pace because we’ve seen it all before! Swiftness will never come at the risk of poor workmanship with our experts, we treat every job like it’s being done on our own home.

A Few Garage Door Services We Provide In Derby:

Garage Door Installation

A new garage door for your home can make all the difference in getting it looking beautiful! You may not have considered it, but your door makes up a large portion of the front of your home, and it can be one of the most noticeable parts of it. Especially if it’s looking shabby! We can get a brand-new door installed for you faster than you’d think, whether to improve its curb appeal to sell, or just to impress visitors. We work with the top brands like Clopay, so whatever you’ve got your heart set on, we can assist you!

Garage Door Repair

Whether your door has been slowing down over time thanks to a damaged track or worn out rollers, or an accident has broken one of the panels on the door itself, don’t worry! Our experts can tend to all of these troubles for you. Careful, professional attention is needed when it comes to repairing the tracks your door slides along, especially if a replacement is needed as the door will need to be removed completely. That’s why it’s best left to our trained team! We can also repair and replace any rollers or panels on your door swiftly and efficiently.

Garage Door Maintenance

The best way to keep your garage door moving quickly and easily for years to come is by getting periodic maintenance services! We can tend to everything before you know it. A total system inspection will allow us to check for any signs of potential trouble such as rusting, parts nearing a breaking point, or otherwise. We’ll be able to take care of these issues now rather than let them worsen into a much bigger problem later, such as the door breaking down entirely. Tension adjustment will make sure your door is balanced and will close properly.

Broken Spring Replacement

The springs are essentially the muscle that’s used to lift the door up, as it’s heavier than you might think! That’s why it’s important to ensure your springs are in good shape, otherwise the door won’t be going anywhere. We can replace both torsion and extension springs if they’ve become too worn or broken entirely. Torsion springs work by twisting to create energy, while extension springs are stretched out instead. The latter takes a toll on them and they tend to wear out faster, so let us help get them switched out for you!

Garage Door Opener Repair

Due to daily use, your garage door’s opener may begin to struggle to work as well as it used to over time. This can become noticeable in certain ways, such as your door reversing abruptly while it’s trying to close, or making a lot of noise when it’s moving. If you notice anything out of the ordinary like this, the issue may be with the opener. Don’t worry! We can take care of it. We’ll look over it and the related components such as the controls so we can find the exact source of the problem to directly repair it.

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